About Us

How It Was

He Proposed

I wanted to give all of me to that moment. I chose to prepare a special dinner for her, specifically because I am not even close to a good chef. I wanted to show myself first that for her I am willing to face everything outside my comfort zone, starting from the very basics: cooking!

It was a deep, timeless moment when after the dinner I asked her to draw with me our Family vision board. Then we meditated, eye-to-eye on our ideal life vision. It was at that very moment with the Lion king theme (“Remember who you are”) in the background that I gave her the ring… and after that in 12 hours we were watching the real Lion King show, in Broadway - NY!

She Said YES!

It was December the 7th of 2016 and when I walked through our door, I immediately realized that something special was about to happen: one of Velio's special surprises for me! Roses everywhere, nice music and tea light were spread around our comfy living-room. We really had a lot of fun while Velio was preparing the dinner, and I was sincerely convinced it was a great way to celebrate how wonderful our life is. But the feeling in the room moved towards. A magic and intimate connection led us to drafting our very first vision board; our life was heavenly and clearly planned.

I will never forget his eyes looking into mine so deeply, because in those moments I was able to see my entire life with him in a time lapse. In that very moment he proposed to me; then he started laughing and crying. Those were the same glorious and powerful eyes that I now recognize in him every time he feels so confident and powerful and able to turn all his strongest desires into reality. <3



During the last years spent together, life gave us so many inspiring moments that shaped our couple as it is – please grab some of those here below and recall them with us in joy and gratitude – as for sure you have been part of this amazing journey up to our big day and forward ☺.


“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” - M. Montessori

We are pleased to share with you some of our most beautiful little moments together that made and are making our life a big adventure!