We strongly believe that the best things in life are the people we love and we choose to spend time with. The places we've been to with them and the memories we've made along the way. This has been the driver in choosing our wedding trip.

We went through so many inspiring personal development courses and life coaching events, and we met some of the most powerful and inspiring people in the world to us. Thus, we have decided to devote the core part of our honeymoon to follow these inspiring flows of energy. We will be in Palm Beach – Florida, attending the super intensive Tony Robbins 5 days Date with Destiny event! We can’t wait to live this new adventure, as we are very much committed to build our new family with outstanding inspiring tools, raising our standards and, making our life together a masterpiece!

To be prepared for the event relaxing time in Bahamas might help 🙂 We choose to spend a week in the famous Great Exuma Emerald Bay!

Then, after the Florida time, we will be headed to San Diego, to live our California dream!!!

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